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Consumer Reviews

“I found your chocolate syrup, and I have to say this is the BEST diet syrup on the market. It's every bit as good in flavor and texture as the high-sugar syrups!”
Diane L.

“I LOVE YOUR CHOCOLATE SYRUP!!!! I have just gone from 305 lbs to 182lbs! It's not Miss America weight yet, but it's the first time in over a dozen years I've been under 200! Being diabetic, disabled and a chocoholic is a lousy combination, and your great Chocolate Syrup is a dream come true. Great, great!”
Pearl U.

“I really LOVE your fruit syrups. They are delicious over sugar free ice cream and incredible in fruit smoothies. Thanks for thinking of the weight-conscious among us!
Ann F.

“I have to send a huge compliment to Walden farms. I am a bodybuilder, and very strict about what I eat. I finally got my body to where I am satisfied with it, however, I was having a hard time because I love chocolate so much. Then I found your chocolate syrup and dip, and I am completely amazed. I feel like I am cheating!”
Willie B.

“I spent a large amount of money on pancake syrup, figuring I'd hold on to the receipt in case it was a bust. I am absolutely shocked as this pancake syrup was just WONDERFUL, worth every penny!!!!!!!!! I can't believe someone can do this, make it have the right taste & texture to pull itself off as being just as good as the "light" syrup I was using, but when one is dieting, 100 calories of syrup is a LOT considering there's no nutritional value. Please tell whoever made that calorie-free pancake syrup that they have a new fan in me. I am so excited. Thanks!”
Sue G.
I read about your products in my Weight Watchers magazine. I couldn't believe my eyes, being a complete food lover – which your products are calorie free, sugar free and fat free – I went straight to my local supermarket and bought your Mayo. I was so surprised that it tasted really good without all the extra fat. It has given me hope to live a healthy life without having to give up taste.
Sally G.

Wonderful! I cannot believe that your MAYO is calorie and fat free. I am just starting to try your other products too. You need to make things like puddings. If you do, please put me on the mailing list. Susan H.

When my doctor told me I had to lose weight for health reasons, I had to cut way back on things like mayo and butter. I did use your Thousand Island salad dressing instead of mayo on my sandwiches, and it was really great. But I missed tuna salad made with mayo or just putting mayo on a big slice of tomato. I ordered Walden Farms Mayo from your web site. Wow! I love it - MY DREAM COME TRUE! Am losing weight and loving your Mayo!
Lew S.
I recently purchased your Marshmallow Fruit Dip and it was perhaps the greatest thing that I have ever enjoyed with my strawberries in my entire life! Thank you, so very much, for this product. I genuinely do appreciate this product (and based on my viewing of your website) the entire company). Thanks.
Marc B.

It is delicious- I’m on my second jar- great on ice cream! I also bought the caramel & chocolate fruit dips. Yum…Well, we went back to the store and I bought multiples of all these tasty treats because I don’t ever want to be without them.
Jo R.

I thought I would try the marshmallow fruit dip with no calories- how bad could it be I thought- and with no calories or sugar, I’m game. Well, by the time I got home from the store- (my husband was driving)- I dipped all my grapes, some pretzels, rice crackers and a few blue berries and would have done more had we not pulled into the driveway.

I just! Wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your products, especially the caramel fruit dip which right now is so good on my honey crisp apples. I no longer feel deprived, except when I run out…which I just did! Thank you so much for all the choices you offer to a dieter who has to watch sugar.
Andrea M.
I just tried your calorie-free Walden Farms Peanut Spread. Wow was it good! I was very skeptical about a calorie-fee product having any taste of all, but after tasting it I absolutely love it! Really tastes peanutty!!!! I’m looking forward to trying all varieties of your calorie-free foods.
Joanne L.

I must say that I tried you Walden Farms Peanut Spread and I do not miss “regular peanut butter” at all. I have passed the news on to my family and friends and they all want to try it too. I am so glad I discovered you. My boyfriend and I just started on a diet together and I have a feeling your products will be instrumental to our success since I plan on buying many of your items. Thank you so much!!!
Dana W.

We are very diet concerned people with a sweet tooth and the no calorie, no carb, no fat fruit spreads you offer satisfy our cravings for jams and jelly! Now that you offer Peanut Spread we are in heaven. Now we can make a PB&J, and the only calories are from the bread! I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you for outstanding products from two of your newest and loyal customers (my wife and I).
Jason K.
We opened our first jar of Fruit Spread this morning and it is delicious. Even though my husband does not have diabetes like I do, I have been trying to get him to eat the “sugar free” products that I do. Even he commented on how good your Fruit Spread is. Thank you so very much for developing these quality products.
Nell M.

I think you guys are a blessing for helping me lose fat. I am a big fan of your Fruit Spreads. I love them for breakfast on an English muffin, and discovered they’re also fabulous over sugar free ice cream. I still can’t believe they are calorie free – so delicious!
Frank F.

I found your calorie free fruit spreads at our local supermarket. The fruit spreads are delicious and one would never know they are “diet” foods. It certainly made my life much more easier after being put on a 1,000 calorie per day diet, by my physician. I also enjoy so many of your other delicious products and still can’t believe that have no calories or fat. I can pretty much eat all I want without going over my 1,000 calories….thanks to you folks.
Lois S.
I am a member of Weight Watchers. At yesterday's meeting, another member mentioned that she had discovered your salad dressings. At Weight Watchers we turn our food into a certain number of points. I can't speak for anyone else, but I certainly got excited to hear that 1 portion (2 tablespoons) of your salad dressing is ZERO points! So I decided to try it…that afternoon I bought the blue cheese flavor. I must admit that when I saw the zeros all over the nutrition label - 0 calories, 0 fat - I automatically assumed it might also be “0” in flavor. Boy was I (happy to be) wrong! It is delicious! I am assuming that your other flavors are too, so I intend to try them as well. These will now be my permanent salad dressings!
P. Winters

I can't believe that there are no calories, carbs, or fat in your salad dressings!!!!!!! Am I dreaming? Because they are the BEST dressings I've ever tasted. Even my kids love them!!!
C. Gil

I just recently discovered your salad dressings and I can't tell you how FABULOUS they are! Eating lo-cal (a lot of salads) is now a pleasure with your dressings. I just had to tell you what a great product you have. I, of course, have told everyone I know, including my diet doctor. By the way, I am also kosher......thank-you soooooo much for such a great product.
J. Klewansky
I just ordered from your on-line store 10 bottles of your absolutely fabulous, wonderful and tasty barbeque sauces. I've been on a diet for 16 weeks today and have lost 65 pounds so far. I can't do it without your barbeque sauce and salad dressings. Lemon pepper on my grilled chicken just wasn't doing the trick. Then I happened upon your barbeque sauce on the internet and ordered some. I was hooked. I feel like I'm eating a real meal. Now if you could only come up with a calorie free potato I would be set for life!
No name

I love your products, I have been using them for a while now, and they have really helped me lose a lot of weight. I'm now using the BBQ sauce as a marinade, it's incredible! So now the big question - how soon will you be making Pizza or Ice Cream? Thanks.
Tony M.

I've been using your zero calorie products for a couple of months now, they're great!! I've been dieting and eating a lot of low calorie frozen dinners, your zero calorie ketchup and BBQ sauce, have made these sometimes very bland meals much more enjoyable to eat. I've lost over 80 pounds, have reached my target weight, and am keeping the weight off!
Roger M.
As a Registered Dietician, my patients just loved the sample single serve packets of salad dressings, chocolate syrup and pancake syrup. I was quite impressed with the pancake syrup myself. Usually I use Sugar-Free syrup, but dislike the fact that there are sugar alcohols in them that can cause gastrointestinal side effects. “I also like the fact that your calorie-fee items have very recognizable ingredients – it’s not a whole bunch of preservatives or added chemicals. I am sure that many of my patients will purchase Walden Farms products after trying the samples packets from my office.
Elizabeth M., RD

My husband is diabetic and I need to lose weight so naturally, salads are a big part of our diets. So far we’ve tried the Walden Farms Russian, French, Cole Slaw, Caesar, Creamy Bacon, Italian, and…best of all…the Honey Mustard! Can’t wait to try the others! And the little packets are a stroke of genius! I took one with me to our favorite steak house last night…just yummy and so convenient.
Ann H.

I've recently started a weight loss program and discovered Walden Farms. I work in a holistic chiropractors office and refer a lot people to Walden Farms. I appreciate the quality of products. Great job! Thank you for making the dressing in packets. Going out to eat is difficult because I don't want to take my bottle of dressing with me.
Julia M.
Just received my shipment of your products and tried both the Herb & Garlic and Tomato & Basil pasta sauces...I was in heaven! I already thoroughly enjoyed your salad dressings and dips, but these two products surpassed my already high expectations. I plan to order many more bottles!
C. Cauthron

I just had to write! I recently happened to find your Alfredo pasta sauce in the grocery store...it "looked" too good to be true! I am always watching my calorie intake... so after reading the Alfredo label decided to try it! Kudos! It was very good! Unbelievably good! I will be interested to try your other products now! I am very impressed! Even my HUSBAND liked the sauce! Keep up the good work!
L. Saari
I'm a certified ketchup addict and didn't think I'd even be able to tolerate, let alone like, your ketchup. I was SO pleased with how great it tastes! My sister is on a sugar-restricted diet and I'll definitely be recommending your products to her.
Ed P.

Your seafood sauce is better than any on the market. I wouldn’t be without Walden Farms products and I think they are more than worth the cost! Thank you so much for developing your line and making it available on line to all of us.
Pat C.


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